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Hippo Animator is an HTML editor that allows you to create animations from a WYSIWYG interface (that's 'what you see is what you get') simple and intuitive enough to use that it almost seems like it were designed for kids. Of course, it comes with enough features to keep even experts busy.

You can include all types of files within your animation, and easily edit them. Photographs, buttons, text boxes, video, sound... just a few clicks and gestures with the mouse and you can include and edit all of these elements.

Once you've finished your animation - which could be as simple as blinking text, or as complicated as a complete cartoon series - all that's left is to export your work. You have several options: HTML, video, and even GIF format.

Hippo Animator is an interesting tool for two reasons. First: it's very powerful and can be used to make spectacular projects. And second: it's so easy to use that you can complete simple projects in just a few minutes.

30-day trial.

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